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Whether you are tackling an ensuite master bathroom or the powder rooms in your home, a bathroom redesign should be approached with a skillful eye and attention to detail. While it may not seem like the most important room at first glance, the bathrooms should be carefully considered when designing your home as they are a place of comfort and luxury.


Some things you can consider when renovating your bathroom may be:

• Cabinetry
• Vanity Remodeling
• Flooring
• New toilets
• Sink Renovation/Remodel
• Repainting
• Lighting
• Tub Installation
• Shower Remodel

Depending on the type of bathroom and scale of the remodel, the project can become particularly in-depth and may require a designer who can manage construction and plumbing considerations — needless to say, an expert eye can be very helpful in completing your vision.

Joelle Uzyel is an experienced bathroom designer and renovator. Her bathroom designs are some of the most notable rooms of her stylish homes and are designed for comfort, luxury, and functionality. Joelle is known for her attention to detail in her design work and is a master at creating one-of-a-kind rooms that create high-end living spaces for her clients.

To learn more about hiring Joelle for your next bathroom design project contact our team here.