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Custom Closet Design Services Los Angeles

For many, your closet is your sanctuary. It’s the space where you start and end your day, where you create your signature style, the private corner of your home where you get ready for big meetings or first dates, and even the space where some of your most precious items are kept — the closet is a place to be designed with care.

Do you require a separate walk-in closet to house all of your irreplaceable forever-clothing items? Perhaps you simply want a private spot to get ready for the day – or perhaps you need a useful closet for your business. Joelle’s closet designs have received accolades for their exquisite aesthetics, functionality, and quality, and we are delighted to provide a high level of service to all of our clients.


What are Los Angeles Custom Closet Design Services?

Custom closet design services are a great way to get your closet looking exactly how you want it. With help from a professional interior designer, you can create a closet that is functional and stylish. You can also choose to have your custom closet designed with space in mind, so that everything you need is easy to access. Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe solution or just want to update your existing one, custom closet design services are the perfect option for you!

Closets are personal spaces that often hold our most precious belongings. It’s important to have a closet that reflects our unique style and coordinates with the rest of our home. That’s why it’s important to enlist the help of a professional closet designer in Los Angeles, California to help create a customized closet design that meets your needs. A interior closet designer can help you determine the layout, size, and style of your closet, and can provide tips for storing your items in an organized fashion. If you’re looking to update your closet without spending a lot of money, working with an experienced Los Angeles closet designer is the best way to go.


What goes into custom closet design services in Los Angeles?

Custom closet design services involve taking your measurements and providing a detailed layout of what the closet should look like. This plan may include suggestions for how to organize your clothes, how much space you need, and what colors and styles you want. A professional closet designer in Los Angeles will then create a closet layout that meets your specific needs and wants.


Working with a Los Angeles Closet Designer

We work with our customers to create a deliberate, tailored organizing and spatial design approach, which includes bespoke closet design. We approach each project without judgment and leverage our expertise to create functional and clutter-free spaces in which our clients can thrive.

Joelle Uzyel is one of Los Angeles’ most skilled custom closet designers and interior specialists, having assisted clients in creating their dream closet.  We can help you create something to your particular needs, whether you need a walk-in closet, unique shoe storage,  a beautiful bag display or a child’s closet.


Investing in Your Dream Closet for your Los Angeles Home

Investing in custom closet design can completely change the way you store your most personal belongings and transform your daily routine. Your closet can go from a place you simply keep your clothes to a haven where you pick the outfits and accessories for your most memorable days and feel inspired to take on the day with a few simple changes like:

  • Custom Built Cabinetry
  • Creative Use of Materials
  • Thoughtful Design Elements (tie hooks, pull-out watch drawer, dedicated purse shelf, etc.)

After our customizations, you’ll be left with a one-of-a-kind Joelle Uzyel closet that exudes luxury and sophistication. Her closets are built to fit the exact needs of each client so that the space is tailored exactly to their lifestyle and desires. Going beyond every day functionality, our luxury closets are made with design details in mind and are created with style and elegance that complements the home.

Whether you want to add a closet to your home, workplace, or commercial space, we can design something that meets all of your needs while staying within your budget.

Simply contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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