Joelle Uzyel is the founder of a Los Angeles based interior design firm, committed to creating unique, timeless, and sophisticated interiors by bringing an elevated level of detailed service and integrity.

Having lived in Israel, Monte Carlo, Istanbul, and Los Angeles, Joelle’s background brings another facet of worldly design to her work.

Joelle: wife and mother of two, has been developing homes and residential projects since 2011 with her family company. With her distinctive taste and vision for design, Joelle has curated a roster of some of the most luxurious estates in Beverly Hills and the Hollywood hills. Her design services include architecture consulting, project management, spatial planning, material and finish selections, custom furniture, and custom millwork. As her career background is in building development, her vast array of construction knowledge and experience provides exquisite project flow with architects and builders alike.

Meet Joelle Uzyel—a Los Angeles interior designer who specializes in creating sophisticated, luxurious interiors for her clients. Joelle’s work has gained her notoriety as a modern, luxury living artist and curator through her one-of-a kind designs and custom solutions for her clientele.

A skilled interior renovator and project manager, Joelle’s portfolio includes some of the most state-of-the-art, personalized residences in the Los Angeles area. Committed to a meticulous approach and excellence in every project, Joelle’s passion for design and the projects she works on have distinguished her as one of L.A.’s most sought after luxury designers.

When it comes to her design approach, Joelle brings a modern, yet timeless elegance to each of her projects that matches the needs and stylistic preferences of her clients. She works with every client closely to choose colors, materials, furnishings, and other details so that every home she creates is a truly unique living experience.

Having lived in many parts of the world including Istanbul, Israel, Monte Carlo, and Los Angeles, Joelle’s background brings a wealth of cultural influence and understanding to her work.

Joelle lives with her husband and two children in Beverly Hills, CA.

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